About Omar Ponsot


Omar Ponsot is Syrian designer and artist with more than 20 years of practice in both fields.

With a background of fine arts he creates contemporary artwork, weather in paintings or photography; he, also, decided to chase his fashion dream and start his own fashion house and lately his women’s wear readymade line.

Versatility is a word that comes to mind many times when you look at Omar’s portfolio. Omar Ponsot is a very versatile and creative artist, he paints and creates unique and inspiring art, does some outstanding photography and designs costumes; As he designed costumes for the first opera recital that was held in Dubai.

He is founder and managing director of “Ponsot”, a creative atelier where he dose his practice, teaching and designs his fashion. For more on this line


He created “Little Stars, Big Talents”, an artistic educational movement for children to support social causes and charity.

These characteristics make his work very genuine, original and one-of-a-kind.


Art is my only way to handle the world we live in..

Omar Ponsot