Little Stars

Little Stars, Big Talents.

First time fashion show created by the kid’s ARTWORK, done by the kids and dedicated to kids. The idea is to use artwork to raise funds and awareness for children charity and make it a useful educating method; simply “One child’s art could be another’s Joy” A runway show held on May 28, 2014 in Dubai, UAE with KG1 and KG2 children in collaboration with Mr. Omar Ponsot creative director of Ponsot.

The children created original designs inspired by famous artists such as Klimt, Robert Delaunay, Ted Harrison, Jackson Pollock and Alexander Calder.

Their outstanding artwork will be our inspiration to create whole collection to go on stage with them as supper little Models. Our Goals: Building awareness among parents and children of the importance of Art, and creation can be a powerful tool to support social causes, especially supporting other children in need, sick, displaced or with special needs.